You can find easily hacks and recipes !


In this video, I wanted to show you some tasty ideas and cooking recipes you’ll love. These are great if you’re a beginner cook and you want to try something simple but you still want to create something delicious that will impress everyone.
You can make delicious scrambled eggs inside a watermelon skin. You simply take the watermelon juice out, and you add some peppers, onions and scrambled eggs. You then add the sweet watermelon juice back again and let them cook. Bon appetite.
I show you how to make your own pasta using melted mozzarella and one egg yolk. You press them together in some greaseproof paper and then you cut them in stripes. After that, you boil them in a cooking pan and add some sauce on top.
I also show you some delicious noodle recipes. One is to make pizza noodles in the oven. Where you add the block of noodles in a baking tray and then you add different varieties of cheese. Then, you add some pepperoni on top and some ketchup and you bake them in the oven.


0:07 – Amazing recipes with eggs
2:47 – Mashed potato noodles
3:57 – Delicious pizza ramen
5:23 – How to open a persistent jar
6:28 – How to mash up garlic without wasting any
8:32 – How to make tea without a strainer
10:25 – Tasty noodle cones

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