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In this video, I show you some amazing hair tricks and transformations that improved people’s confidence. Hair is such a complicated subject, mainly because the trends keep changing and something that we like on other people might not look good on us. But, in this video, I show you how professionals tried these transformations and made things more interesting.
A girl with purple dreadlocks removed them, cut her hair shorter into a bob and then dyed them a bold blue color.
We also took a girl with black hair – mid-length, and we lightened it completely with bleach. Then, we applied some purple shampoo to get rid of the yellow tones and gave her a cute perm look like the ones in fashion in the 70s.
One of the most impressive ones is when we gave a girl a very elegant rainbow look at the bottom of her head. We simply died the top of her hair to refresh the color, and then, we separated in sections and color-coordinated the dyes into a rainbow.

0:07 – Crazy hair transformations you’ve never seen before
3:06 – From dark to light hair
4:41 – The beautiful rainbow hair tutorial
6:07 – Brilliant hair transformations for girls
8:12 – From blonde to pink hair

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