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The art of folding napkins has been around for centuries and it is something that takes a lot of skill, inventiveness, and creativity. We’ve all seen many different ways that people fold napkins, especially in prestige restaurants. If you are a beginner to napkin folding and you would like to learn this craft or are seeking for inspiration on how to fold your napkins for your Christmas dinner table that you are hosting, then this video is for you.

We have many different ways to fold tablecloths that are very easy and pleasing to look at. For example, in our first video, we demonstrate a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to easily fold your napkins and place your napkin ring around them. Firstly, you take a square napkin and fold it in half, then from the middle, you fold it again (like you would fold a paper boat origami) from both the right and the left side. Then, you take the bottom corners and you fold them back into the middle again. Finally, you twist those top ends so that they can face in the opposite direction and you place the napkin ring halfway at the bottom.

We also show you an awesome way to fold a napkin for you cutlery standing up instead of laying on your plate. This one is very easy and unique to create especially if you are completely new to this awesome craft.

You can fold your napkins in a perfect triangle shape and create little pockets in the middle to place your fork and spoon for your dinner table. This one is ideal if you are serving both soup and meat to your guests and they will be needing to use both.

If you love moths and butterflies, we show you a brilliant design that you can use to fold your tablecloths in. This one will just be sitting on your plate and your guests will need to unfold it to use it, however, this is such a pretty design that most people wouldn’t even dare to touch it before taking a picture of it. You can go the extra mile to add some ink on your clothes to make the wings more defined.

Watch our whole video to discover more brilliant tips and tricks to fold your napkins.
1:04 – Butterfly napkin
2:25 – Floral napkin and floral shape
4:17 – Christmas tree shape
5:12 – Waterlily shaped napkin
5:40 – Ninja star
6:39 – Awesome flower
7:44 – Bowl-shaped
8:56 – Mens suit

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