You can find easily hacks and recipes !


Are you looking for new recipes to try? IN this video I show you some super delicious ideas that will help you in your cooking routine. They are super easy to make without a ton of ingredients.
You can make gummy bear ice-cream pops by mixing them up with some Sprite.
You can make tasty chocolate decorations that look like noodles by pouring melted chocolate in a glass filled with cold water.
I also show you a delicious peanut butter recipe. You simply slow roast the peanuts in the oven and then you transfer them into a food processor. You add salt, dates, and some coconut oil (if you want) and voila.
I show you how to make simple and delicious ice cream using a kinder Bueno bar. Simply mash it before opening it and then fill it with sweet heavy cream. Put it in the freezer and Bon appetite. Then dip it in some melted chocolate and sprinkle some chocolate sauce on top.

1:56 – Adorable bubble cake decorations
2:40 – Caramelized fruits
4:53 – Homemade sorbet
6:01 – Adorable DIY edible bowl
8:06 – Delicious snickers chocolate muffin
14:10 – Tasty chocolate mousse

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