You can find easily hacks and recipes !


In this video, I show you some creative hacks for your beauty routine that will save you both time and money.
I show you how to use a thread to do your own hair removal for your upper lip area and brows. This way, you won’t have to spend a ton of money threading your brows.
You can also try the ombre lipstick hacks that will make your lips look bigger and more defined. You simply cut a lipstick vertical and then replace it with different colored lipstick. Do the same to the other one you just cut (switch them places) and voila., To make sure they stay in place, warm them up with some fire until you see them merging.
If you don’t have a brow powder using can use one almond instead, simply burn the side of the almond and use the black powder that appears to fill in your brows.
To fix a broken take a tiny amount of toilet tissue paper and then place it on your nail. Set it in place with some clear nail polish and voila.
Apply some whipped cream on your hair as a hair mask to get rid of dryness and hydrate them.

0:38 – Must-try beauty hacks
2:42 – How to cover bald spots
4:13 – DIY face mask
6:00 – DIY nail polish color
8:04 – Perfect false lashes hack
12:11 – DIY sheet mask from scratch
14:30 – Genius nose contouring trick

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